I don't consider myself a typical "graphic designer," yet graphic design is a big component of my service offering.  As I've mentioned throughout this Web site, my design skills are a product of my unique brain mapping.  Unlike many marketing types who are very right-brained, my brain is mapped right down the middle so I can be both creative AND logical.  As a result, I’m not the eccentric designer that can’t meet deadlines or understand business and the big picture; nor am I the idea person that can’t focus on details and getting things done. 

Since 1999, I have designed hundreds of creative pieces from business cards to brochures to Web sites.  I am skilled in both print and online production and can make your piece sing whether someone is holding it in their hand or viewing it online.  My graphic design work is creative and professional and always takes into consideration corporate branding and identity. 

Perhaps you've worked with freelancers that have superb graphic skills but poor communication skills and not a lot of business savvy.  This can be frustrating and unproductive.  I take pride in being able to understand my client's needs, provide direction on content and design, and produce items that not only look pretty but deliver important information.  My clients like that I am business savvy, strong in communication skills, and can pull it all together in really good creative marketing materials.

Check out creative samples in my portfolio to get an idea of my graphic design skills. 

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