Corporate image and identity are important components of your business's brand as they create a visual and emotional experience for consumers and differentiate you from your competition.  They are also the foundation to establishing a strong market presence and in turn, market share.

Identity is the way that a company aims to identify itself or position its product and Image is the way the public perceives the company and its products/services.

Corporate identity typically begins with a logo and identity package (business cards, letterhead, and envelopes) and marketing materials (brochures, collateral, web site, etc.) that support a company's brand, culture, philosophy, and value.  A solid positioning strategy and messaging plan is key to building a successful company image.

I have experience helping startups and early stage companies develop their identity and image.   I  have a strategic branding and messaging process I go through with clients that has proven to be very successful and my clients take pride in playing a role in these efforts. 

If you are a startup or an established company looking to rebrand, I can create your logo and design marketing materials to support your image goals and overall business objectives.  As a print broker, I offer competitive pricing on identity package printing needs.  Complete this short form to request a bid.

If you are looking to reposition yourself or launch a new product and/or service, I can help you with messaging, competitive positioning, and your "look and feel." 

Below is a sampling of logos I have created  for some of my clients. 

All logos are copyright protected by their respective companies (please respect their ownership, copyright, and privacy rights).

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