Is print advertising a dying art?  "Not so fast," says Forbes.*  Tangibility, credibility, target marketing, branding, engagement, and the marketing advantage gained by a lower number of print ads to look at are some of the benefits that print advertising still offers companies. 

I have placed print advertising on my client's behalf in large industry publications, trade magazines, show guides, newspapers, and more.  I take pride in creating effective ads that are rich in design and content and successful in capturing the audience's attention and compelling them to act.

I can also assist you with media buying and making sure the publication, frequency, and reach is in line with your business objectives and sales goals.  I will work with the publication's ad rep to determine and negotiate space requirements, timing, pricing, and deadlines and will manage your ad placements throughout the length of your contract. 

Below is a sampling of print advertising pieces I have created  for some of my clients.   Note the links with red stars next to them represent my top eight favorites. 

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Abacus |  DoubleClick  |  Epsilon (click here for a comprehensive portfolio)

(Note that these ads were placed in multiple industry publications including Catalog Age, Catalog Success, DIRECT Magazine, Target Marketing, Stores, and more.  Most of the copywriting was done by freelancer Mike Williams who was also contracted with Abacus.)

Custom Environmental Services

StrucSure Home Warranty

Miscellaneous Ads


Amore Fiori

Dad Gear

Denver Shares - Denver Charity 2002 Ad

Heart & Soil

The Plum Gallery

Vein & Laser Specialists

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