HTML emails and landing pages are two of my online marketing specialties, and I have designed hundreds of them over the years for B2C and B2B companies. 

eMail campaigns are popular because they can be very cost effective and offer the benefits of reach and repetition.  In order to improve targeting, response, and measurement, email campaigns are often combined with campaign landing pages. 

I take pride in creative design and strategic implementation of HTML emails and landing pages and work closely with my clients on these key elements of a successful campaign:

  • The list (in-house or purchased) — the most important component of any marketing campaign

  • The offer and call-to-action

  • The creative (concept, copy, and design)

Whether your objectives include a larger campaign or individual communication efforts, I can consult you on the best online strategy and how to make your efforts profitable. I have completed email campaigns ranging from 25 recipients to over 25,000 recipients (per campaign) that have resulted in positive ROI and increased market share and revenue.

Below is a limited sampling of projects I have completed  for my clients.   Note the links with red stars next to them represent my top 20 favorites.

 Interested in seeing some Web sites I have designed?  Click here.

Abacus |  DoubleClick  |  Epsilon (click here for a comprehensive portfolio)

Amore Fiori

Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA)

Custom Environmental Services

DB Ranch

Energy Central 


StrucSure Home Warranty


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