Let’s face it. Marketing professionals are a dime a dozen. The question is, what separates me from the crowd?  Experience, skills, drive, knowledge, passion, results, quality...they all matter.  And I offer them. But dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that much of my success is simply attributed to the way my brain works.

Unlike many marketing types who are very right-brained, my brain is mapped right down the middle.  That means that I use my brain equally for both logic and creativity.

It also means that I’m not an eccentric marketer who can’t meet deadlines or understand business and the big picture; nor am I the idea person that can’t be creative or focus on details and getting things done.  My ability to synergize my left- and right-brain functionality allows me to offer clients a complete marketing department in one.

As a seasoned marketing consultant, I take pride in offering a one-stop shop for strategic and tactical marketing services.  As part of my preparation for running a successful business, I earned my M.B.A with a Marketing Concentration so I could back marketing deliverables with a strategic business focus.  These attributes make me a strong asset to any company or project.

I have experience supporting companies in a number of different roles, including:

  • An outsourced marketing contractor on a project or hourly basis,

  • An integral marketing resource contracted for a set number of hours a month, or

  • An outsourced full-time member of the executive management team (most recent position was VP of Marketing for a national financial services company).

I am proficient in the Microsoft Suite, the Adobe Creative Suite, and a host of other Web / software applications.  I have the latest and greatest software and hardware, so there's no need for you to make a financial investment in these business resources.

If you are looking for support on a specific project or for an experienced, dedicated resource that will bring fresh ideas to your marketing efforts and your organization, look no further!  Contact me.

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