Marketing communications traditionally support the sales process by focusing on " features, functions, and benefits."  I present my "features" as my skills / capabilities.  My "functions" are my business applications.  My "benefits" are how and why I can help you.  Here's a summary:

  • As a one-stop shop and independent marketing professional, I remove the need to hire and manage outside marketing agencies and/or vendors.  My talent and broad skill set provide clients with a complete marketing department in one!

  • Hiring a marketing consultant is less expensive than hiring in-house (take into consideration salary, benefits, bonus, recruiter fees, etc.).

  • As a “full-circle” service provider, I will consult you on strategic marketing initiatives and then do the actual work -- no more meeting with agency executives only to get stuck with junior level staff once the contract is signed.

  • As a consultant/contractor, you pay only for real work (not time at the water cooler). You also don’t have to free up office space, purchase expensive computer equipment and software, or pay my taxes and benefits.  My rates are reasonable and I am efficient and effective.

  • As an experienced marketing professional with an M.B.A. education, I not only understand marketing, but also business. Many of my clients see this attribute as a value-add, and it is.

Let’s get to work!

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