From file cabinets to file servers, I have hundreds of examples of strategic and tactical projects I have completed for clients since 1999.  I approached each project with an understanding of the client's needs, consideration of the corporate brand (and style guidelines), and the goal of creating a piece that not only successfully met marketing objectives but also delivered a savvy and professional piece of work.

Don't be fooled though!  Even though I may have some "mad design skills," I am just as skilled at strategic consulting.  Why a portfolio, then?  Many of my clients are small-to-medium sized businesses and instead of outsourcing to a number of different marketing professionals with specific skill sets, they needed someone who could do it all—strategy and creative—from inception to completion. 

This unique differentiator has been a great value add for my clients as I not only provide them brain power in the form of strategic direction, I get my hands dirty completing the tactical deliverables.  

Click on the links below to see creative samples of my work.  The value of putting these examples online is that is gives my prospects and clients not only a feeling for my style, but also the breadth and depth of my capabilities. 


Due to the confidential nature of strategic projects, I am unable to post examples to my Web site.  If you are interested in meeting to discuss my strategic consulting services further, I can bring approved samples for your review. 

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