According to Wikipedia, a Value Proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer that value will be experienced.  Here is what I bring to the table that offers — and delivers — value to my clients:

  • I have over 20 years of practical marketing experience in both corporate America and as an executive consultant for my national consulting firm, A Figure of Speech, Inc.

  • I offer marketing expertise, business experience, an M.B.A. education, and a broad strategic and tactical skill set.

  • I have worked with a diverse client set ranging from startups to early stage businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

  • I blend creative ideas, proven strategies, and best practices into my marketing mix.

  • I understand business and the role marketing plays.

  • I am more than a “marketing guru” or creative soul; I am also an ambitious executive, dedicated business professional, and savvy entrepreneur.

  • I focus on results, the bottom line, and return on investment.

  • I am organized, deadline conscious, and budget sensitive. 

  • I have experience with all professional types from C-level executives to sales reps to support staff.

  • I focus on the details AND on the mission and vision.

  • I offer a one-stop shop and full-circle service.

  • I provide solid value for a variety of marketing and business functions.

  • I can act as a marketing contractor or a marketing executive for hire (determined by your scope of work). 

  • I am an “A” player.

Agency or Consultant?
As a business owner of a successful service firm, I have an understanding of the agency model and recognize the benefits and the inherent challenges.  The basic question is whether you should hire a small firm or engage a large agency for fulfillment of a marketing plan or project. 

My experience has shown that the typical agency process centers on higher costs to meet large overhead.  The client-agency relationship often begins with meeting senior partners but then transfers to entry-level staff to do the work (rarely hearing from the senior ‘deal maker’ again).  

My consultant model allows you to work continually and directly with an experienced professional.  My model focuses on a customer-centric approach where you are the biggest priority and your business objectives become mine.

Plenty of Additional Resources...
If necessary, I can supplement my marketing expertise with additional resources.  My business partnerships, associations, and memberships in various organizations plus my dedicated networking efforts and connection to the Denver business community allow me to provide my clients with top-notch referrals in other specialties.  Please contact me if you need a referral or resource.

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